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Best Places to Eat Delicious Food in Gili Trawangan

We are on a small island, sure, but the food scene is pretty impressive. It can make even the pickiest person satisfied.

One of the questions our customers ask us the most, except diving, is a recommendation for some good places to eat on the island. Usually, the answer changes according to what kind of food they would like to eat. Here on Gili Trawangan, we are quite lucky as we can eat both delicious Indonesian or western food. The variety is pretty wide although the island is just 15 km long.

Let’s start with Indonesian and Asian food

Oh Warung Gili

One of our favourite local places to eat is Oh Warung Gili. Opened recently, it’s pretty busy during lunch/dinner time.

The food is fresh and properly cooked. You can have rice (white/yellow) and pick up to 5 main dishes. Usually, these include chicken, fish, veggies, tempe, tofu, or soups. All the dishes we have tried were tasty, warm, and handmade.

Not to mention the staff is very friendly and ready to welcome you with a big smile. We love good vibes. They have a special discount for everyone living on the island. After 5 meals at the warung, you are entitled to get the 6th for free. This is definitely a smart way to create and maintain a network of loyal customers who go there regularly.

Enjoy Gili

Another quite famous place on our beautiful island is Enjoy Gili Warung. It’s a local warung as well. The only difference is that in addition to the delicious Indonesian food, you can also have delicious western dishes. The portions are generous and the menu choice is wide enough to make everyone happy.

Their tasty chicken cordon bleu is what they are famous for and we couldn’t agree more. It’s the best chicken cordon bleu we have ever eaten! For vegetarians, the tempe burger or the gado gado is a must.

The owner always welcomes you with a big smile. The warung is simple but furnished in a modern and appealing way. On the wall, you can find some funny quotes that make your time there even more enjoyable.

Jali Kitchen

Jali Kitchen is perfect for a delicious dinner in a fancy place. Their cuisine is Asian fusion. On the menu, you can find several Asian dishes, not only from Indonesia but from Thailand and India as well.

They are famous for the curry, which they have in quite a few variations and different spicy stages. Their pad thai is really an authentic one, not to mention the chili con carne or jali burger which are tasty.

The dishes are very well presented. If you are up to a romantic dinner with someone, this may be a nice place to go. Chill music in the background, soft lights, and candles make the vibe suitable for a romantic night out.

Italian food

Francesco’s Pizza

Francesco’s Pizza is situated in a street close to the main road. Given its name, it is mainly focused on pizza, but not only that. They have crescioni and piadina (until 6 pm), which is not so common for Italian restaurants outside Italy.

Piadina is from a specific area in Italy, the Emilia Romagna region. It’s a homemade flatbread that can be filled with mozzarella, veggies, ham, or salami.

The quality of all the ingredients used is very high and authentic Italian, and the types of different pizzas are very refined. The restaurant is nicely decorated and usually, for dinner, it’s pretty busy. They open from 11 am.

Pizzeria Regina

Another well known Italian restaurant is Pizzeria Regina. Well, as the name says, this restaurant is famous for its pizzas.

The pizza is really big, the ambiance is nice and always busy. The pizza choices are quite wide, from the simplest to the most elaborate one. They open from 5 pm. They are pretty busy almost every night so be prepared to wait for quite a long time.

Do not forget to take the Pizzaria Regina card: after five pizza, the 6th one is for free!

Healthy options

Kayu Cafe

If you are looking for something healthy to eat, Kayu Cafe is the perfect answer. Smoothies, rice bowls, paninis, baguettes or wraps; or light breakfast all day. It’s the perfect healthy and delicious combination.

Not to mention that the coffee is pretty good, strong, and intense. The ambiance is really chilled, you can sit on the terrace just overlooking the pier and the crowd down the road.

Banyan Tree

Another delicious healthy option is Banyan Tree. Indonesian food, salad bowls (the watermelon salad is so good), and the smashed avocado on toast with feta cheese and poached eggs is definitely something to die for.

The ambiance is really chilled and you can bring your laptop if you want to get some work done. You can enjoy your food and drinks on the rooftop terrace overlooking the beach or directly on the beach.


If you are into burgers, we can highly recommend Dream Divers. They are well known for having the best burgers on the island and we definitely confirm that.

Several types of burgers, Angus beef included, and different types of cheese to choose from, like for example gorgonzola. The service is really professional and fast.

You can eat directly on the beach with your feet dug into the sand. Alternatively, you can also order the burgers to take away. We guarantee the wait is not more than 10 minutes for your burger to be ready!

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