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Do you want to dive like James Bond? Swim as fast as a fish? Explore new dive sites? Then try our underwater scooter / dive propulsion vehicle (dpv).

Our scooter from Bonex, model Ecos+, are made in Germany according to the highest quality standards and technically one of the best you can get on the scooter market.

Compared to a regular fundive, you can cover larger distances while using less energy which will translate into a better air consumption and longer bottom time. And it's so much fun!!!

Choose between:

  • Scooter fundive (for divers holding a scooter certification) - Price 990,000 IDR

  • Scooter adventure dive - Price 1,490,000 IDR

  • Advanced course with a scooter dive - Price 5,400,000 IDR

  • Scooter/DPV specialty course (2 dives and certification) - Price 3,500,000 IDR

* For any diving activities a once-only fee of 150,000 IDR (cash only) for the Gili Matra Marine Park Tax and Gili Eco Trust will be charged.

For diving inquires or bookings please click here to contact us. We will reply with answers to all your questions and instructions to get started.

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