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All our fun dives for certified divers are guided by a Divemaster or Instructor. The maximum group size is 4 guests and the Dive Guide. We strive to match the groups according to the experience level of the individual divers. For an extra charge we provide a private Divemaster that adapts to your individual diving needs and wishes.

The dive depth is adjusted to the qualification of the diver, but usually a maximum of 30 meters. The dive time is of course dependent on the individual air demand, but no more than 60 minutes. Individual arrangements are possible according to prior agreement. All prices include diving rental equipment, boat transfers and guide.


1 Fundive: 590.000 IDR
1 Night dive: 730.000 IDR


For any diving activities a once-only fee of 150,000 IDR (cash only) for the Gili Matra Marine Park Tax and Gili Eco Trust will be charged.


  • For 3 or 4 Fundives  -10%

  • 5 to 9 Fundives  -15%

  • 10 or more Fundives  -20%

  • Groups of min. 4  -10%

  • Instructor or Divemaster  -10%

  • Own Equipment  -10%

  • Locals or ITAS holder  -10%

  • For combinations, up to  -25%

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